4 / 5 Team

Welcome to the 4/5 Team page! 
As you know, the Year 4 and 5 children learn as a team and are supported not only by their class teacher but by the whole team. Currently, the Year 4 and 5 team includes; Miss Bullen, Mr Denton, Miss Carder, Mrs Eastley, Miss Wills and Mrs Thomas. 

As always, if you have any questions or worries about anything please pop in after school or leave a message in the office and we will get back to you. 

 The 4/5 Team


This term's topic 
Mega Cities - Is it good to be MEGA? 
We kicked off this term's topic in fine fashion with a mega cities experience day! Children were randomly selected to spend the day living in different types of settlements - a hamlet, a city, and a megacity. 
We spent the morning earning money and thinking about how we run a city before enjoying the afternoon relaxing and running different workshops to share our individual skills. Finally, we explored the many benefits and disadvantages of living in each of the different types of settlement. Why not find out where your child would have chosen to live? 
Looking into our crystal ball, we have many equally as interesting geography sessions planned including trying to find out why Milton Keynes (where?) is the fastest growing city in the U.K. (Yes it really is growing that quickly!). 
If you have any experience of living in a megacity please do get in touch we would love to hear your experience! 
Where My Wellies Take Me
This term, Year 4 and 5 will be looking at this delightful little book written by Micheael and Clare Morpurgo. This book beautifully links together a high-quality narrative story and poems. Therefore, we are going to push ourselves and magpie their idea (as all the best ideas are!) and write our own narrative and poetry linked together. 
Within our story, we are going to try and pack in our fronted adverbials (with the correct punctuation), different verb tenses and forms, along with connectives, time adverbs, and many other skills! There are some links here -------------------------->
to help you learn about these writing skills at home. 
  • Miss J Bullen

    Class teacher and Head of KS2

    Miss Bullen has taught at Countess Wear Community School for 18 years! She is the Team Leader of 4/5 as well as the Key Stage 2 Leader. She loves to travel and can line dance. Her passions are anything Disney and the colour pink!

  • Mr J Denton

    Class Teacher

    Mr. Denton joined the team at Countess Wear Community School this year after teaching for a couple of years up in Oxford where he also studied Education at the university there. Mr. Denton has two real passions in life outside of school - sport and reading.

Key dates
Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th March 2019 - Year 5 are off to Bristol! 
Half term for children begins on Saturday 16th February.
Back to school on Monday 24th February.
For this term, we are trying spelling and multiplication homework only! Please make sure you are logging on to Wand Spellings and Timetable Rockstars at least once a week - although we wouldn't complain if it was significantly more than this! Having said this we are always keen to see what the children are doing and learning at home. Therefore, should they complete any learning at home please come and show us.
As the children are developing their continuous cursive handwriting skills, you may want to encourage your child to practise at home. The following website shows the continuous cursive joins we are using in CWCS and tips on pencil grip as well as sitting and paper position. Being able to write effectively in cursive script is an important objective in the National Curriculum. If you have any questions about cursive handwriting, please do not hesitate to come and ask us. 
Class information 
Snacks and drinks

As a reminder, Key Stage 2 fruit snacks are not provided, so please send your child with a piece of raw fruit or vegetable for playtime. In the classroom, each child has their own numbered cup to drink from throughout the day. We encourage children to drink water regularly.  

Swimming has now finished for this year and will start again with the new academic year!

Indoor PE for 5B and 4C is on Wednesdays. 

5B will then also have a slot, with Andy, on Thursdays. This will provide them with some high-quality Tennis tuition - Look out Andy Murray!

4/5D are in a very fortunate position as they will receive 2 hours ofAndy's precious time on a Friday afternoon for this half term! 

Please make sure your child has a full and named PE kit in a separate bag that can stay in school including a gold t-shirt, black shorts for inside and tracksuit bottoms for outside, and black plimsolls and/ or trainers.

 Forest School

This year, Forest School is included in the rotation of curriculum areas on a Friday afternoon.

Autumn's topics 

Beyond the Magic Kingdom, what is the 'Sunshine State' really like?

 Throughout the entire autumn term, the Year 4 and 5 team will be focusing on exploring Disneyland and its surrounding areas. The children will be focusing on map reading skills, the standard of living, local wild life and shuttle take offs. 


Feeling inspired? Try and answer the following questions, what benefits and issues can tourism create for Florida? Would you rather have tourism or no tourism in Exeter?