Anti-Bullying Week

17th November 2017
The whole school have been involved with anti-bullying week this week. A special Anti-Bullying newsletter will be sent out with lots of information on what the children have been learning about. I have attached to the back of this newsletter a brief overview of what the children have been doing in their classes. Well done everyone. Miss Harrison.

Anti-Bullying Week News

In the Rabbits classroom the nursery children have practised saying, "No, stop, I don't like it!" - if someone is doing something we don't like in a game. We can remember that we sometimes have to wait for our turn at playing with an outside toy and a grown up from school can help us.


Year One have learnt and discussed an anti-bullying poem, 'I'll be there for you!' and have recorded ourselves performing this on the iPad ready to share.  We have also had lots of discussion around the 'I can...' statements. We have made two enormous handprints to remind ourselves about S.T.O.P., comprising of our own handprints and handprints with the 'I can...' statements that we will try to use.


For Anti-bullying Week, Year 2 have been focusing on 3 I Can... statements. We have been thinking of times that we could use our I Can... statements to help us overcome a bully. We wanted to share our tools for dealing with bullying with everyone by making an exciting music video.


We are very proud of the Year 3 children this week. They have designed and created their own anti-bullying card game, which is based on the game 'Top Trumps'. The children have thought carefully about where bullying may happen, who they can turn to if they need help and what they can do to stop bullying taking place. The card game involves thinking carefully about a scenario and the best 'I Can... statement' to use in the situation. Well done Year 3!


3/4C 'This week we have written a script for an anti-bullying film all about cyber bullying and physical bullying.' – Lewis Ratcliffe, Charlie Thomas, Charlie Salter, Finley May and Freddy Marchant.

'I’ve loved it because I am the narrator.' – Freddy Marchant

'It has been fun and enjoyable because we have chosen our groups to work with.' – Finley May

'This project has been ours from the beginning to end.' – Lewis Ratcliffe.


4H During this Anti-Bullying theme week, we have considered why bullies bully, practised using S.T.O.P.! (Start telling other people) and we have reflected on which of the I Can... statements we think are the most effective.  We have created an anti-bullying board game which encourages players to use I can ... statements in different scenarios.  We are looking forward to sharing our games with other children and our families.


Year 5 have focused on:

* 'I can talk it out'     *What is a bystander?

5B have made a photo-book resource to share with children and adults.


5H have been focusing a lot on what a bystander is and the difference between a helpful bystander (someone who goes to get help after witnessing bullying) and a hurtful bystander (someone who sees the bullying happen but doesn't do anything). 

The class have created a new I can... statement: I can... be a helpful bystander

So far they have come up with 3 Ss to remind others of what an unhelpful bystander does: Standing Staring Silently. They are working on a reminder for what a helpful bystander does (so far...Telling Teachers Together but they are trying to improve) We are in the process of making a film showing the difference between a helpful and unhelpful bystander. 


Year 6 have talked about what 'All Different, All Equal' means and the different forms bullying takes. They have identified bullying behaviour and will  be making a film about different ways to tackle bullying - more information to follow!