24th January 2018
Bag2School came in to Countess Wear Community School today to collect the bags you have all very kindly dontated. Mrs Watson brought a group of children over from the Forest School to help the lovely Steph from Bag2School load up the bags in to the van and most importantly weigh them! Before the children started they had to work out how much money the school would get from the amount of bags donated. Finley from 34C worked out the correct amount, and had his photograph taken ...with Steph from Bag2School and the cheque we have received for £136 which will go to the PTA. Thank you so much to everyone involved for organising Bag2School collections, we hope to do roughly two per year now, due to the success of this one! Remember the next PTA meeting is on Thursday 1st February in the Tree House so please come along if you are able to make it. Thank you, Alice x