Broadleas residential

13th October 2016
Broadleas Residential Update
Group 1
The children in group 1 went stargazing on Monday evening. They were fascinated to be up on Dartmoor in the dark and we were very fortunate to have a clear evening where we got to see millions of stars in the night sky.
The children have settled in to their new 'home' and all the children slept well on their first evening. 
We had a fabulous day today, the weather has been kind to us, it was a bit chilly but stayed dry. We had a walk up to Haytor and then went for a paddle in the stream. 
Mrs Mardon visited last night and all the children enjoyed taking part in a fun quiz. Children are looking forward to their last morning's activities and will see you all this afternoon. 
From all the children and adults at Broadleas,
Group 2
 The children in group 2 settled quickly into their new 'home'. They started their adventures at Broadleas with a short exploration of the Haytor area and spent their first evening stargazing from the base of 'The Giant's foot' (Ask the children where this is). This morning we set off on our long walk up to Haytor where the children had a go at climbing on the rocks and then we walked to Bagtor. After lunch we continued down to the stream where they played happily in the water. 
They are looking forward to the final day's activities and seeing you all tomorrow afternoon.
From all the children and staff at Broadleas