Changes to School Dinners

1st January 2016

New menu in the New Year – in the New Year we will be trying something new at lunch times. We want children to sit at tables and have the food served to the tables, as it would be at home. Children therefore will not have to queue up and will be able to eat from proper plates. We want children to be able to try new foods, especially vegetables, in their own time (and have second helpings). We think that by having food on the tables, so that children can see what is on offer and take the amount that they want, meal times will be more enjoyable. This is also in line with the ethos of our Forest School, where all children are given the opportunity to try healthy foods, often that they have grown themselves! They can see what they are trying and become more confident to try new foods as the year progresses.

The lunchroom has improved greatly since September, now that all children eat inside, and remain seated for 20 minutes. Staff have reported how much calmer the environment is for children. We are producing a simplified menu, which I will be sending home next week. Our focus is going to be high quality, healthy food that children enjoy. Despite these changes, we have decided to keep the price of meals the same. Early Years and Key Stage 1 children do not currently pay anything for school lunches.

Our new kitchen team will prepare all the food fresh each day and we will be bringing the food to the children. We really hope to see the number of children having school meals increasing over the coming weeks. Karl Hayward is our new chef, and he qualified at the Michael Caines Academy, where he achieved an award for excellence. Our new kitchen assistants are Sally Norris and Angela Garrett, who the children already know. We will arrange some taster sessions for parents in the new year.