Welcome to the Nursery!


Our Nursery caters for children aged 2-4 years and is comprised of three main areas, a two year old room and two spacious rooms and an intervention space  for 3-4 year olds.


Our youngest children (2 year olds) access the Hedgehog room.

Our older children (3  and 4 year olds) children access the Rabbit , Squirrels and Badger rooms.



 Forest School

We are very fortunate to have access to our fabulous Forest School. The Nursery children visit the Forest every Friday Morning. Two year olds will visit the Forest regularly to ensure all part-time children are able to share in the experience.


To ensure that all children get the maximum time in the Forest, we would really appreciate your help in supporting your child to get changed into their Forest School clothes. We provide all children with a waterproof coat and trousers. Please supply your child with a name pair of wellington boots, to be kept in school if possible. 


We use Tapestry to create an online learning journal for each child. Here you will find photos, updates and assessments of your child. Please let us know if you are having any issues accessing your account.
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We have a range of phonic games and activities that we do every day using the Letters and Sounds scheme phase 1. We also use the Read Write Inc scheme as the children become ready to hear, recognise and form separate letters in the terms before they start full time school.
The Read Write Inc. phonics scheme provides a cohesive and creative approach to teaching children to read and write.
Below is a video of 5 year-old Sylvie demonstrating how to pronounce pure sounds.




Mrs Jo Sharland – Teacher in the Nursery

Mrs Beth Price -  Senior Practitioner/ Hedgehogs'  Base Leader for the two year olds.

Miss Clare Gale - Teaching Assistant 

Miss Heathman - Teaching Assistant (afternoons)

Mrs Emma Parkes

Mrs Pitts - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Joan Veal –  Teaching Assistant

Mrs Pat Foster – Senior Practitioner 

Miss Gemma Collacott - Teaching Assistant (Wednesday afternoon)


Each child in the Hedgehogs' base has a key person who builds a special relationship with them and their families and supports them with their learning and development.  The list of the key people for the two year olds is available in Hedgehogs’ base.


Our day
8.45 - Children arrive at Nursery
8.45 - 9.00 am - Settling in time (parents leave at 9.00 am)
9.00 - 12.00 am - Morning session
12.00 - 12.30 pm - Lunch
12.30 - 3.30 pm - Afternoon session
3.30pm - Children are collected
Chatting time
We spend time developing our spoken langauge every day. We have regular chatting time where we can show, sing or tell something to our friends and grown ups. If your child would like to bring something in to talk about we keep the items safe in a basket until chatting time.
What to bring...
Please remember to bring a named water bottle with water inside every day! Depending on the weather please remember to bring suitable clothing for your child, for example a named coat, named sunhat, named jumper etc..
Also please make sure your child has a bag with a change of clothes and named wellies for when we explore outside. Thank you!
Spring Term
Welcome back after the Christmas holiday, we hope you all had a wonderful time! This term we are welcoming eleven new children to the Rabbits Class. 


The themes in our Nursery classes this half term are Winter, Birds and Animals. We will be finding out about forest and woodland animals and then finding out what animals like the cold and which animals like to live where it is warmer. We will continue to build our repertoire of Nursery Rhymes and songs. As winter comes along we will be noticing the changes in weather, making patterns in frost on grass and wood, noticing mist, drizzle, rain showers and hopefully some warmer weather as we approach Spring! We will explore our Forest and look for the new plants growing in the ground and the buds appearing on the trees in the orchard and in our Forest .We will also be woodland detectives looking for the footprints and tracks of animals and birds. We will be making robins, bird feeders and growing things from seed . We will use IT and books to find out about a whole range of animals and use puppets and small world figures to make up stories. We will use materials and construction to make homes and dens for different animals and explore lots of different words to describe them. Remember to bring layers of clothes to wear so we can go outside every day!




Spring Term Events

  • January 8th 2019 - Return to school
  • January 21st Bird Watch Week with special watch at the weekend where we will ask if you can record what birds you see together from your garden or close to your home. (26th-27th January)
  • Half term holiday -break up end of the day 15th February- start back 25th February.
  • March 5th Pancake Day - Shrove Tuesday.