Governors Statement

What do Governors do?
The Governing Body at Countess Wear Community School  is made up of 9 people representing staff, parents, the community and the Local Authority. They are all volunteers and attend approximately six meetings a year to discuss school business and learning objectives. The Governing Body is responsible for:
• Determining the strategic direction and objectives of the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement
• Setting and monitoring the school budget
• Playing a part in appointing staff; supporting the senior team; and reviewing staffing leveland structures
• Ensuring policies are set, reviewed and adhered to
• Monitoring Health and Safety and management of school premises
Governing bodies make their decisions as a group and devolve some responsibilities to smaller committees, such as Resources and teaching & Learning, drawing upon the specialisms and experience of individual governors. Governing bodies in schools and colleges are accountable for:
• the use of public funds
• the quality of education provided
• the wider contribution to the community
At Countess Wear, all Governance duties are carried out in close collaboration with the Head Teacher and Senior Management Team. It is often said that Governors should aim to act as a “critical friend” to the Head Teacher. Every decision made is done so with the best interests of pupils, staff and parents very much in mind.
Finding out more: 
Minutes of Governors Meetings are available to view by appointment with the clerk to governors. If you wish to contact the Governing Body this can also be done via the clerk or school office.