Items for the Harvest Festival

3rd October 2016

The Exeter Foodbank would like donations of:

 Jars of Pasta/Curry Sauces 
Tinned Meat Tinned Potatoes
Tinned Vegetables & Tomatoes
Loo Rolls & Toiletries
Noodle/Pasta snacks
Sponge Puddings
Fruit Juice – 1L long-life
Instant Coffee Rice (500g)
Tea bags
Tinned Fruit
Cereals – smaller boxes
Tinned Rice Pudding Custard – tins/cartons
Jams & Spreads

St Petrocks would like donations of:

Instant coffee                                           Kitchen anti-bac spray
Sugar                                                         Handwash
Hot chocolate                                          Scouring pads
High-fibre cereals (Weetabix etc)         Febreze spray
Porridge oats                                           Solid air-fresheners
Squash                                                       Large, strong bin liners
Custard powder                                       Tea towels
Tinned custard / rice pudding               J-cloths
Pepper                                                      Kitchen aprons
Cooking oil                                               Washing-up liquid
Golden syrup                                           Toothpaste / toothbrushes
Honey / marmite                                     Feminine hygiene products
Corned beef / tinned ham                     Roll-on deodorant
Tomato ketchup / brown sauce            Biro pens
Plain / self-raising flour                          Bio washing powder
‘Lazy onions’ (tinned)                             Tinned fish

Please could children bring in their gift by Monday 3rd October, when we will take the items to the church for our Harvest celebration.

Thank you for your support.