Year 5/6 Primary Olympics!

28th June 2016
Year 5/6 Primary Olympics
On Monday, 27 year 5/6 pupils went to St.Luke's Secondary School to compete against 1000 other pupils in the Primary Olympics.
They started their day with a Samba warm up, helping to achieve the 9221km to get from Exeter to Rio.
Next, we took part in circuits. We completed a range of stations including sit ups, skipping, step ups and netball shooting seeing how many we could do on each station in a given time.  Our scores were then compared with other schools.
After that came a football tournament with each of our 3 teams playing 3 times. We showed great sportsman ship, shaking hands with the other teams at the end of each match.
Finally, we took part in relays. In teams of 8 we completed a series of obstacles. The team that completed it the most amount of times won.
Congratulations to one of our teams who did the most steps during the circuits. Josh Radford also received the spirit of games Medal for football.