Dogs Helping Kids

23rd June 2017

I have recently registered with the charity ‘Dogs Helping Kids’. This means that in September I will be bringing my dog in to school with me and taking part in a training programme that eventually will mean my dog can work with children. You may have heard of this being called a ‘Therapy Dog’ or a ‘Reading Dog’. For the first year the dog will be very much behind the scenes and will not be in contact with the children on a regular basis, however there will be opportunities for the children to work with the dog once training has been completed.  I understand that there may be some questions about this, and I am more than happy to have a chat with you about any concerns you may have. I would be really grateful if any parents who know that their children are highly allergic to dogs, or who have a phobia of dogs, to pop in and see me and I can make sure they do not work directly with the dog when it is here. DHK have a very informative website at  which you can have a look at in the meantime, and I will send out more information in the coming weeks.  Thank you, Alice (In the School Office).