Parents Meetings

31st October 2016

Parent meetings - straight after half term, on Monday 31st and Tuesday 1st November, we have parent meetings with teachers. At these meetings you will have a chance to contribute to your child's Learning Agreement and both you and your child will be asked to sign it, along with the class teacher. We have amended our Learning Agreement slightly this year to reflect our focus on helping children to develop a growth mindset. One of the most important aspects of developing a growth mindset is helping children to develop a positive attitude to learning new things and not being put off when something is really tricky! It has been shown that children are much more willing to challenge themselves if they are praised for the effort they put in, rather than being praised for the final result (for example, a test score). It is really important that you help your child to learn from their mistakes, rather than feeling discouraged by mistakes. Children who develop a growth mindset have been shown to be more willing to challenge themselves, more resilient and more likely to keep going when things are tough. As you can imagine, these are important qualities to develop in all aspects of life, not just at school! I can recommend a couple of excellent books if you would like to find out more about developing a growth mindset:

Mindset: How you can Fulfill your Potential by Carol Dweck

Growth Mindset Pocketbook by Barry Hymer (this is a little book, so you can carry it with you!)

Thank you, Mrs Rees.