'Percy' our school dog

Percy is a working cocker spaniel puppy who belongs to Alice who works in our school office. He is in training through the charity Dogs Helping Kids. www.dogshelpingkids.co.uk Please see his video below with what he has been getting up to and his progress so far!  He is also on Social Media, just type in the hashtag #percytheschooldog and you will find him! Thank you.
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'Percy Time'
Last Friday Percy visited 2BR and settled on his mat in their class whilst they watched his video. Percy worked with an individual child on Monday. We talked about doggy welfare and how to look after Percy and how to meet his needs when we work with him and to give him choices. We fed Percy treats and Jacob sat with him for some snuggle time (which Percy loves). I have added some photos of our session below. 
Percy News!
March 2019
Percy has been working with a group of four children across Year 3 and Year 4. We have learnt about dog behaviour and body language across 4 weeks, as well as how to greet a dog you don't know. The children have fed Percy lots of treats and he has thoroughly enjoyed it as much as they have! He has also been working one on one with a different child each week on a reward basis from the class teacher. Percy is currently practicing his reading, and his 'snuggle' is definatley his favourite move. 
January 2019

Percy has been working with the children during 'Percy Time'. He has been working 121 with Jacob from Year 2 this term, as well as other small groups of children. He visited Year 2 and they were amazingly quiet whilst he lay on his mat at the front and ate his treats. I have added some recent photos above, so enjoy! :) 


October 2018

Percy and I visited the DHK HQ  on 19th October for our Assesment 1 and 2 training day. Percy was a superstar as always and was very tired by the end of the day. We learnt the 'Snuggle' and 'Book' so the next stage will be building duration of both of these to be able to read with the children.

April 2018

I am very proud to announce that Percy and I passed our Entry Test with ‘Dogs Helping Kids’ last weekend. The test included all of the things we have learnt together over the last 10 months of Percy’s life, and how Percy settles in a new environment. He was as always a star and we came away with two scores of 94% and 99% which is incredible for a puppy of his age. Percy has started working with class 5H over the last term, and it has been great fun to see him interacting so well with the children. We are both really enjoying it! Thank you for all of your support and interest in what we are doing, it is lovely to see.