School Uniform

29th March 2018

School Uniform – If you have not already, we would really appreciate you using the time over the Easter Holidays, to get together a full school uniform for your child to return to school in. Children should at all times be wearing a white polo shirt, with a school logoed jumper or fleece over the top. Many children are still coming in to school with a polo shirt and a coat or other layer on instead. Children should only be wearing a coat at break time and lunchtime. It is really important that they have a logoed fleece or jumper to wear in lessons and in between when moving around the school. Please also be reminded that children should be wearing plain black shoes to school, no boots. (This was previously allowed during the cold winter months). Your child also needs to be wearing our logoed yellow PE T-Shirt for their PE lessons, which is available at ‘Thomas Moore’ in Exeter. If you have any questions about this please pop in and see the office. We look forward to seeing the children returning from the Easter Holidays looking smart and ready for the Summer Term. Thank you.