Sensory Hub

Sensory Hub

 Teacher Hannah Reeves,

Teaching assistant  Nikki Hewlett


  • The Local Authority funds a 6-8 place Sensory Hub at Countess Wear for children with complex sensory impairments. We use the funding to provide;
    •  Either a small, highly staffed, morning group based in the Sunshine room where the children follow a highly differentiated and individualised curriculum for literacy and numeracy delivered within a Total Communication environment by highly skilled staff or  support from the Hub staff as appropriate for a child to work within their mainstream class for the majority of their time.
    • Plus Additional curriculum activities e.g. swimming lessons/social skills groups / outings specifically designed to meet the children’s  learning needs.  
    • Plus support from a wide range of specialist advisory teachers for children with sensory impairments.
    • Plus support packages as appropriate for all these children back in their mainstream classes in the afternoon. This includes advice and support for classteachers as they plan and differentiate the afternoon learning for the children in their mainstream classes.


  • The sensory hub uses the Sunshine room as its base for the morning learning.


  • In addition we use a proportion of our school SEN funding to enable certain additional children with significant learning difficulties to join the Sunshine room group in the mornings.  These children may access the group for a short period of time or may continue to access it over a number of years depending on their needs and the school’s SEN funding.   These children return to their mainstream classes in the afternoons.


  • Both groups of children remain on the register of their year group class. This is the class they return to in the afternoons, and it is the class they join for outings, residential, assemblies, RE days etc., as appropriate.