Shared Lunchtime success!

1st January 2016

Lunch update  - we are all delighted with our new, shared lunches and already have more than 80% of children having a shared lunch. This is a huge increase from last year. Children are no longer queuing for their lunch, but instead are sitting down with the food on the tables. They are also eating from proper plates and bowls! Children are able to see what they want to eat and are trying new things. Several children this week have told me that they have tried tuna, cauliflower cheese and tartar sauce for the first time!

Children are also being taught how to serve food to one another, and maintain the highest standards of hygiene – we are impressed how quickly they are learning. Our Key Stage 2 children have been so well mannered and supportive of the younger children – well done. As children are now choosing what food to put on their plate, the amount of waste has reduced significantly, which is also great to see.