Year 1

Welcome to the Year One homepage

Sparkle and Shine 

We do hope you had a lovely half term and that everybody is coming back to school ready for the exciting run up until Christmas. Our topic is ‘Sparkle and Shine’. We will be using the theme to aid all areas of our learning, from writing lists, letters and stories to learning about colour. We will also be finding out about toys from the past as we answer our history learning question

Here are some phonics games that you can play at home. 

Our class reward system

The children have many ways in which they can be rewarded throughout school for both fantastic learning and behaviour choices. In year one we use the sun and cloud system, the children aim to be on the sun, rainbow or even the money pot. Children are also rewarded with stickers for their jumpers or work. Commendations are given to children for excellent learning and behaviour. The children also work together to gain a piece of our class puzzle. When the puzzle is complete the children will have a whole-class reward. This is a great way for the children to work together as a class.

Things to remember
PE is on a Tuesday and Friday.
Reading books can be changed any morning or after school. 
Please ensure your child has a named drinks bottle in school.
Important dates:

Fri 30th November: Parents invited into school for a Christmas decorations afternoon.

Fri 7th December: Farmers Fayre

Weds 12th December: Pantomime trip

Weds 19th Children’s Christmas lunch 


In Literacy we will be focusing on building up children's use of phonics to write words and sentences. Children will have opportunities to write in a range of ways, writing lists, stories, facts and for many more exciting purposes.  

At home you could:

• Find out about fireworks, bonfires, Christmas in different countries and toys from the past.

. Look for different examples of writing

.Have a go at writing lists

Practice writing topic words from your homework 

• Read stories and information texts about jungle

. Create your own stories and information texts


In maths we are going to be continuing to  practise counting skills to ensure we are all counting accurately. We are starting to measure everything; children will be measuring heights, lengths, weights and volumes in all shapes and sizes. We will be using our skill in counting in 2’s to help us solve problems. Children will still be practising the days of the week and months of the year.

At home you could:

• Count everything, remembering to line them up and move one away each time.

• Practise writing the numbers to 100 correctly.

• Practise counting backwards from 100.

Ask your child to help you weigh ingredients, could they weigh a portion of pasta for each of you?

• Give your child some money problems, for example; if I buy one apple which costs 10p and an orange for 30p how much will I spend?

• Count items in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.

• Have a go at writing the day each morning.

Parent helpers

We would be delighted to welcome ‘Parent Helpers’ to hear individual children read. The children love to have this special time and to share a book with an adult. Please don’t be shy in coming forward.