Year 2



Our topic this term is ‘Around the World’. 


 We ask that you support your child to complete the weekly spelling activity and maths as well as daily reading. 
Reading is a skill that helps children with many aspects of learning.
Do try and read with your child 3 times a week to keep up the practising to help them progress. Remember to ask your children questions throughout the stories-  Please record any reading on their reading bookmarks.
If you have any questions please see us.
  • When reading pink to orange books- read a book 2 or 3 times so that your child becomes confident with the text. Then you can be asking more questions about what they have read.
  • Encourage them to sound out a word using their phonics, 'sound it out'.
  • If a word is tricky, discuss how it is tricky and that we need to remember that word eg come, my, said.
  • Ask your children questions about facts from the book eg where, when, who, what, why and how? And ask your child questions you think...How do they feel etc. 

PE kits are needed for Year 2 on a Thursday.
The year 1/2 team
Mrs Morten – Year 1 teacher. Mrs Morten will be teaching on a Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. (Mrs Morten is Miss Hudson, I just got married in the summer!) 
Mrs Sampson – Year 1 teacher. Mrs Sampson will be going on maternity leave from the 30th September. After this, Mrs Payne will be teaching on a Monday and Wednesday. 
Miss Whelan – Year 2 teacher. 
Mrs Marsh – Year 1 TA 
Miss Kirby – Year 1 TA 
Miss Huxham – Year 2 TA
We are trying to encourage a healthy attitude towards challenges so please continue to support your children with their 'can do'  attitudes. We often talk about the learning pit as can be seen below.
RECOMMENDED WEBSITES FOR EDUCATIONAL GAMES - timestable games   - spelling games - Maths and Literacy (select Maths or English and age group Key Stage 1) - Maths and Literacy Maths, Literacy and Science# Phonics games- choose the free ones!
 We will continue to embed this learning in Year 2. Please see below for the sounds that your child will be learning in class.