Year 3/4 Beach Trip!

20th June 2016
Year 4 Hit the Surf
Year 4 spent Monday afternoon learning how to be safe on the beach. We learnt what the different colour flags mean and what a lifeguard looks like.
We then went into the sea. It wasn't very cold! We learnt how to rescue someone in trouble and how to checks they were OK once we got them to shore using CHUMS (chums - were u alone?, Head - did you bump your head?, Unconscious - did you go unconscious at any time?, Medication - are you taking any medication?, sea water - did you swallow any sea water?). We also learnt how to enter the sea quickly using the chicken run and Dolphin dive. Finally we tried paddling on a surf board. We joined all the boards together and jumped off them. The children gained confidence in the water and had a fantastic time.