Year 5 Learning blog

Welcome to our new blog space which will be used to share some of our exciting learning with you.
Some of what is shared here will be created and filmed by the children. This is the children's first time taking videos of their learning to share with others and it is completely unscripted.
We hope you enjoy following our learning journey and come back again!
Freya and Evelyn had a go at explaining fractions today which you may find helpful with your home learning this week. 
I hope you will agree they were very courageous to share their learning with you. 
Remember: it is ok to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them!
If you are finding your home learning tricky, bring it in and speak to one of the adults or one of your friends about it. 
In Science, we are learning about the planets. Miss Chambers taught some of us this mnemonic to help us remember the order of the planets: 
Can you order the planets? Watch this short video clip to help you. 
We had a go at explaining how to use the formal written method of multiplication and the bus stop method for division! We didn't have a practise or script what we wanted to say - we were very courageous and had a go at sharing our learning with you all. Let us know if you found this helpful with your multiplication practise.