Year 6

Welcome back

We hope your holidays have been a happy and relaxed time and that you and your child feel refreshed and ready to start the new year. Our team this year consists of Miss Cooper, Mr Denton, Mr Perkins, Mrs England, Mrs Eastley, Mrs Rose, Mrs Bruford, Mrs Kelly and Mrs Wills. We are all very excited to be starting this new chapter with you.

We have new class names! Miss Cooper’s class are called Kestrels, Mr Denton’s class Eagles and Mr Perkin’s class Falcons. All classes now have a bird name so look out for how many you can spot over the next few weeks!

Reading books

Reading continues to be a key focus this year. We are starting a new system of reading called Accelerated Reader. Your child will be assessed and given a code that shows them what books will be appropriate for them to read. When they have finished a book, they will take a quiz that will ask them questions about the book and then they will choose another with the same code. Children will be assessed each term to make sure that the level of books they are reading is appropriate and challenging for them.

When reading at home, encourage your child to discuss the meaning within their story, their opinion and why they think this with reference to the text. This will support your child's reading comprehension skills. Please prompt your child to change their reading books and read at home daily.

Key dates! 

Harvest Festival – Tuesday 15th October at St Luke’s Church

Carol service – Thursday 12th December at St Luke’s Church

Narnia Experience

Eagles(5/6D) – Monday 25th November – 1.30 – 3.00

Kestrels(5/6C) – Tuesday 26th November– 1.30 – 3.00

Falcons(5/6P) – Wednesday 27th November– 1.30 – 3.00


Please make sure your child has a full and named PE kit including; yellow t-shirt, shorts for inside and tracksuit bottoms for outside, and plimsolls and / or trainers. As the weather gets colder, you may wish to provide a tracksuit too. Each child will need to keep their PE kit on their peg in a bag.


Indoor PE

Eagles(5/6D) – Wednesday

Kestrels(5/6C) – Monday

Falcons(5/6P) – Tuesday


Outdoor PE

Eagles(5/6D) – Thursday

Kestrels(5/6C) – Wednesday

Falcons(5/6P) – Thursday


We are going to be looking at Fairtrade this term and if you have any empty tea packaging that you could send into school, that would be appreciated. Children will be looking into Fairtrade tea and part of their learning will be to design their own tea packaging.


As part of our science learning we will be looking at characteristics we have inherited from our parents so if you have any family photos that you don’t mind coming in to school, please send them in with your child.

Be everything you can be! - Our school motto
Please remember to pop in after school or leave a message at Reception if you have a question or worry.
Thank you,
Miss Cooper, Mr Perkins and Mr Denton