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The School Admissions Code of Practice recommends that priority be given to ‘Looked After’ children when setting over subscription criteria. In light of this, the following over subscription criteria are proposed, for determining the allocation of places where there are more applications than places available:

  1. Children who are in Public Care (Looked After Children)
  2. Children living in the school’s designated area with a sibling who will be attending the school at the time of admission.
  3. Other children living in the school’s designated area.
  4. Children living outside the school’s designated area, but with a sibling who will be attending the school at the time of admission
  5. Other children living outside the school’s designated area

A child who has an Education, Health and Care Plan,  where the School is named on the plan, will have precedence for a school place.

If it is necessary to distinguish between children in a particular category, priority will be determined by the age of the child i.e. the earlier the date of birth, the higher the priority. Priority may be given (with approval of Senior Officers) to the admission of a child for whom an exceptional medical or social justification is demonstrated. Visit and search ‘Admissions’ for more information.



Applications for schools are managed by Devon County Council.

For applications to the Foundation Classes ( the first year of school) you are invited to apply online between November and January each year. Visit for more details.



For a school place in years 3 to 6, it will be for you to ask for an application form by calling the Education Helpline on 0845 155 1019. If you would like any advice on this please feel free to talk to the school office.



For application details for Secondary Schools please visit: 

The facility to apply for a secondary school place in September 2020 opens on 1st September until midnight on 31st October. Once the facility closes you will not be able to apply online and your application may be considered ‘late’. Late applications will be considered after timely ones where schools are full. If you miss the deadline please contact 0345 155 1019 as soon as possible.